Design out Crime in the Built Environment.

Minimise potential for costly surprises, incompatibility problems and obtrusive retro-fix measures later on.

ANNBURR will deliver timely, relevant, impartial advice on Designing out Crime, Secured by Design and BREEAM HEA 06 – Security.

Introducing crime prevention principles at early design and informing the integration of coherent, inter-linked security measures into your development.

  • Secured by Design – SBD Design Principles and Security Standards Consultations with a fully Licensed Secured by Design Consultant
  • BREEAM compliant Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS) delivering Hea 06 Security Needs Assessments (SNA)
  • Crime Prevention & Security Design Advice for the public & private sector

Be prepared and engage early to inform all stages of  design development and construction.

Independent research has shown that the implementation of SBD measures during design and construction, will promote safer community living, significantly reduce instances of crime and enhance ongoing sustainability.