Proportionate Crime Prevention Design Advice for Architects, Owners & Developers.

‘Designing out Crime’, ‘Designing for Community Safety’, ‘Secured by Design’ and ‘BREEAM Hea 06’ consultations for concept, design development, planning or construction.

Specialist crime prevention design critiquesto review proposed plans, identify local crime risks and provide proportionate recommendations. Enabling the design team to incorporate provision for a well-structured and interlinked security program that is, integrated into the development.

Why do it? 

Independent research has shown that the early incorporation of Design out Crime measures including Secured by Design principles and testing standards, will reduce the likelihood of crime occurring and enhance sustainability.

The early integration of crime prevention measures will also minimise potential for costly surprises to the developer, incompatibility problems and obtrusive retro-fix measures that are vulnerable to damage or misuse and increase the risk of anti-social behaviour or crime.